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S&B Filters Precision II: Cleaning & Oil Kit (Red Oil) 88-0008

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Universal Filter Cleaning

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S&B Filters Precision II Cleaning and Oiling Kit

It's the best way to service your filter yet.

Simple just got huge.

Maximize the performance and longevity of your high performance filter

  • Works on any S&B filter and 95% of all high performance filters.
  • Enough to service most filters 3 times.
  • Re-engineered oil applicator is more precise and easier to apply.
  • Significantly more cleaning solution.
  • New finger friendly trigger applicator.
  • Reusable box keeps things neat and organized between cleanings

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why is this kit more expensive than the previous?
A: The Precision II has double the amount of oil and 63% more cleaner along with re-engineered components making the cleaning and re-oiling process much easier. 

Q: Can I still order the old Precision Cleaning Kit (part # 88-0005, 88-0007, 88-5000 & 88-5050)?
A: No. The Precision II replaces these kits effective immediately. 

Q: Why did we develop the Precision II?
A: Regardless of who made the filter, consumer research indicated that many were displeased with the process of servicing a filter. 

Q: What makes it easier to use?
A: The new kit has a trigger spray on the cleaner which makes applying a generous amount of cleaning solution extremely easy compared to the old finger pump version. With the older kit, the applicator had to be filled multiple times in order to apply the correct amount of oil to the filter. With the Precision II, the oil applicator can hold the total amount of oil that needs to be applied and the process of dispensing the oil on the filter is significantly faster.

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